Recharge your electric car at any charging station operated by our intercharge partners – with a single EV electricity contract between you and your supplier.


Look for the intercharge logo to find charging stations capable of intercharge-based charging operated by our partners throughout Europe.


Access the charging station using your charging card, Plug&Charge technology or your smartphone app.


Benefit from a cooperation between strong partners making emobility convenient and safe.


intercharge direct enables charging & paying directly at the operator´s charge point - without having a long-term contract.

A symbol of convenient emobility services

Electric car drivers need to be able to re-charge their cars with electricity anywhere and anytime – independently, safely and flexibly. Thanks to
intercharge this vision has become reality.

Charge your electric car at any charging station compatible with intercharge. intercharge brings convenience and efficiency to the everyday activities of electric car drivers.

The intercharge logo unites strong partners offering a charging infrastructure stretching across Europe to make recharging your electric car as easy as
refueling any other type of car.

Your benefit: enjoy even more freedom in your mobility – Europe-wide
and electric.